Frauke Klatt

Frauke Klatt

‘Art of Sail’ – a nearly inexhaustible topic.

Frauke Klatt has LV replica handbags managed to integrate the impressions left by 30 years sailing and life near the sea into he  paintings. Today, Frauke Klatt works in two techniques:

Watercolours on Sailcloth – They are unique because of the lightness and technique. What could be more appropriate than to use the very material Cisco 646-985 thatsailboats cannot do without? The structure of the prada replica handbags fabric, the sign of wear and tear and all the folds are integrated into the picture. What results is a unique creation replica handbags for sale marked by the character of the sailcloth.

Acrylics on Canvas – Large format paintings that use the vivid colours and the plasticity of the colour bally replica handbags supplemented with sand. With this particular louis vuitton uk
method, the dynamics of sailing regattas erupt in these  paintings, some seem to explode with the foam, but also the dead calm of a sultry summer day.

Frauke Klatt has a long list of successful, mostly solo exhibitions: 
hermes handbags outlet member clubs with fame spreading far and wide, and the Greek temple (Greek Temple) Cisco 350-001 dumps gold carved table is one of. at that time, easy pass ccie the OMEGA buy replica handbags watch the annual output two hundred thousand, one thousand employees, is a Swiss manufacturer 70-177 exam come first on the list tab.  Travemünde/Baltic Sea, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Denia/Spain, Heeg/Netherlands, Cowes/Isle of Wight, London, New York and louis vuitton monogram Monaco. You will find her paintings at art exhibitions in conjunction with boat shows such as the Düsseldorf Galeria, Monaco’s Yacht Show and Hamburg’s Art Maritim.

Frauke Klatt’s work hangs in the offices hermes replica bag outlet and apartments of sailing enthusiasts all over the world, and continues to attract an international audience.

"My sailboats are depicted often rolex replica watches without a hull. The wind and the waves which carry the boats are the most meaningful elements. The crew is not
visible- at that point in time when we look at the picture, we have taken over the swiss rolex replica watches role of the crew. I do not strive for complete detail discounted prada canvas handbags within the painting, but rather search for new ways to express motion, élan and energy."


Approaching Gurnard Ledge New Work 4
Passing By Puzzle 2
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Start The end of a hot summer day
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